Roast Chicken and Spinach Salad

There is nothing more delicious than a well-marinated piece of roasted chicken, crispy skin smacking of crushed garlic. Hurricane Sandy has sequestered my friends in DC, but here in Durham all I have as an excuse for the luxurious day I’ve spent at my desk is a loud wind at my window. I’m not much of a grilled-chicken-on-white-rice kind of a person because well white rice is dry rice. We eat our rice smothered with daal or some spicy curry so I usually look askance at rice that looks unflavoured. But I must admit this turned out wonderfully. It was a bit of a mid-week effort so it involves some pieces of chicken legs that I had left over in the freezer. Line a baking dish with some foil; marinate the meat; and bake it.

Marinate the meat with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, plenty of chopped garlic and olive oil. Add a splash of dry white wine, from a bottle desperately in need of finishing. The recipe works totally fine without the wine too but add a little bit of water to the pan. Bake the chicken for about 40 minutes in a 375 F oven, turning twice and letting the wine emulsify into a thick sauce. The sauce coats the rice perfectly. Kind of a garlic butter without the butter. Hmm, maybe I’ll add some butter the next time around. I tossed a spinach salad seasoned with some balsamic and olive oil (salt + pepper) just to add some colour to the plate. It was the perfect complement. Delicious.

I wonder what makes me happier: the hour of preparation and the feeling (while i sit at my desk and write) that there is something delicious happening in the oven or the meal itself?


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