Cinnamon Tea + Tennis Lunch

This is what I’m grateful for today. After a largely uneventful afternoon, sitting at my desk writing the first pages of chapter 1, then deleting, writing, deleting, I took myself to a coffee shop. Mostly because, well, I can’t be crazy in public. I ordered a cinnamon spice tea–I want to say the Harney and Sons kind–in an effort to take the edge of my already hopped-up-on-caffeine self. It was absolutely delicious. And words magically began to populate the page. So thank you cinnamon tea.

Tomorrow, Katherine and I are driving  to Wilmington to play in a 7.5 tennis tournament. Our team, well her team that is now also my team, had a super season. I’m very excited about my packed lunch: sandwiches with brie, proscuitto, avocoda, tomatos; bananas; grapes and cookies.


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