Winter Parsnip Soup

Parsnips look like ivory carrots. They are my absolute favourites. They’re delicious in root-vegetable roasts, sprinkled with a hint of nutmeg and plenty of cumin. I recall a recipe that calls for chopped, fresh mint mixed in at the end to add a bursting note.

I had a spectacular weekend. Katherine and I won our matches, though our team lost overall. What I wanted for dinner tonight was something warm and delicious to ease myself back into the work week. As you can see in the out-of-focus photograph, I was clearly more eager to eat the soup than photograph it. In my mind a very promising sign. The soup is a mix of roasted garlic, parsnips and some vegetable stock (salt + pepper to taste). When I blend the mixture, I like to keep it thick, somewhere between a soup and a puree. That way I can still get the nutty texture of the parsnips. Follow the same principle as this recipe. I rustled up an open-faced sandwich to go with the meal: toasted grain bread, avocado, prosciutto (leftovers from my tennis lunch). And then I had two squares of my current favourite peppermint, dark chocolate, for dessert.

Ok I lied. I absolutely had 4 pieces of chocolate while I was making the soup. Oh and there is a cheesy love poem in each wrapper. Makes the chocolate eating experience exponentially more entertaining.


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