Brownies with Homemade Raspberry Sauce and Caramel Ice Cream

IMG_0613I was recently trying to find the perfect chocolate dessert for an extra special meal I was planning. I found a great recipe for a French flourless chocolate cake on the Wednesday Chef. But then I thought: why not make brownies? They share the same basic principles: a few good quality ingredients, and chocolate reigning supreme. I made homemade raspberry sauce, and dolloped some Haagen-Daz caramel ice cream on top. The raspberry sauce adds the perfect tartness to the rich, walnut brownies; and the caramel ice cream adds a nice complementary flavour that cuts the one-dimensionality of the chocolate.

I chose Deb’s favourite brownies from Smitten Kitchen. And added a handful of chopped walnuts for some crunch. I followed the standard recipe for a berry sauce.  In the end the raspberry sauce was worth all of the 5 minutes it took to make. A tablespoon of sugar added to fresh raspberries to break down the fruit on the stove top; and a squeeze of lime at the end. The mixture is pulpy and needs to be strained to get the silky, ruby ribbon of raspberry syrup.

Though there was no ‘quinelle’ of ice cream–just a nice spoonful of it–it added the perfect golden, syrupy note. It was the perfect, sinful end to a delicious dinner.




2 thoughts on “Brownies with Homemade Raspberry Sauce and Caramel Ice Cream

  1. Innovation ( a non culinary word) is what makes the difference between a passable dessert and a work of genius (another non culinary word). Wow!

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