Pike Place Market


Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market is the perfect place to while away a (rare) sunny afternoon. It has gorgeous views of the Sound, which is a rippling, blue-gold today. The fish mongers know they’re on display and give the crowds a good show. Pearly pink scallops and bright orange crab claws sit in buckets of ice. Silvery oysters and other assorted crustaceans. And whole and filleted Pacific fish line display counters.IMG_0707IMG_0710 
There are flowers, too.


And beautiful crates of fresh produce.


One of my favorite places to get a quick bite is DeLaurenti’s lunch counter. The offerings are simple and classic. My favourite is a slice of the daily primo (pizza). Today I order the meat option, fresh from the oven: prosciutto, blue cheese, red onion, arugula and mozzarella. Exquisite. And then a wander about cupboards and shelves crammed with vinegars and pasta and spices and juicy pickles…